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Offering you the ultimate in light management and privacy, Sale Blinds presents our venetian blinds range. As well as privacy they offer sun screening and an element of security. From the traditional 50mm and 35mm ranges to the chic, colour-matched 25mm, the venetian blind can satisfy the demands of any home or office environment.

Offered in a choice of metal or wood, and with an excellent palette of colours, our Collection, with its clean and modern styling, will satisfy all your requirements from the decorative to the functional. Venetian blinds are perfect for controlling the light and represent a modern classic with their sleek uncluttered design.

Numerous options of matching and contrasting tapes add to the appeal and popularity of these beautiful blinds. Aluminium is strong, light, it doesn’t rust and water splashes do not affect them. Added to this they are easy to clean. Perfect for all round the home.